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Re: [ossig] Overhaul of Linux License Could Have Broad Impact

Linux's license is GPL v2, and only version 2. Linux won't get overhauled because of the license update. Everything else, however, might. Though Stallman told me that if I was happy with the GPL now, I have nothing to worry about.

On 12/1/05, Dr Molly Cheah <drcheah@pc.jaring.my> wrote:

"Overhaul of Linux License Could Have Broad Impact"
New York Times (11/30/05) P. C3; Lohr, Steve
New York Times (11/30/05) P. C3; Lohr, Steve A forthcoming overhaul of
the General Public License (GPL) could have a seismic impact on the
software industry, which has come to see open source initiatives such as
Linux become viable alternatives to traditional commercial products.
Linux alone accounts for an estimated $40 billion worth of software and
hardware. The work of overhauling the GPL begins today when a document
outlining the process is posted at www.gplv3.fsf.org
< http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2005-7/www.gplv3.fsf.org>. The
first revision to the license in 15 years, expected to be completed by
summer or fall of next year, will also likely reexamine software
patents. The driving force behind the GPL is Richard Stallman, founder
of the Free Software Foundation, who has sought to use copyright law to
protect the unfettered right to use, study, copy, and modify software.
Stallman authored much of the open source Unix code, though it was not
until 1991 that Linus Torvalds incorporated his work into the kernel
that would eventually become known as Linux. Stallman, like much of the
open source community, believes that proprietary software restricts the
free flow of information, describing software patents as "utterly
insane." He does, however, acknowledge that commercial software is
necessary for Linux's continuing success, due to the economic
impossibility of a computer able to solely run open source software.

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