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Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org, byAndrew Brown, The Guardian

i have the same problem too.

it seems oo.o2.0 is more compatible with ms-office than with oo.o1.1.x 
formatting. weird ! i thought it was just my documents that were 
confused. and the oo.o2.0 ui loses some of the simple things i loved 
about oo.o1.1.x like the toolbars. there used to be a context sensitive 
'switchable' toolbar in 1.1.x which is now gone and replaced with 25 
toolbar options !!!! my daughter complains that the left toolbar which 
contained the drawing tools is now gone in oo.o2.0 . not found a 
reference where i can create a theme for the ui, so that it looks 
similar to 1.1.x .

my copy of ubuntu5.10 came with version oo.o1.9.x which crashed all the 
time. which had me booting to ms-windows to use oo.o2.0. weird! anyway i 
have manually upgraded to oo.o2.0.x on ubuntu - which should have been 
updated on the repository itself.

oo.o2.0 missed out on 2 things that i thot would have been excellent 
(that i had filed in the issue tracker, oo.o forum, wish list):
1. changes are displayed in the side borders of the document, instead of 
inline in the document itself which causes pagination to be in error.
2. notes are displayed in the side borders of the document, instead of 
the tiny yellow mark which requires a fair amount of dexterity to get to.

having said that, i still prefer oo.o over ms-office. because it gets 
the job done in a more 'disciplined' manner. and i do not have the 
luxury to waste money on ms office which is not without its faults.

Dinesh Nair wrote:

> On 12/18/05 15:06 BIGrat said the following:
>> as far as i am concern, Oo meets 90% of my needs. i hv not 
>> experienced any show-stopper bugs.
> i have. a bunch of documents created in oo.o 1.1.x in the native 
> format refuses to display correctly and intermittently causes objects 
> to disappear when opened in oo.o 2.0, and this too on build m137. 
> testing with build m3 on ditesh's notebook didnt show a recurrance of 
> the problem. note that m3 predates m137.

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