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Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org, byAndrew Brown, The Guardian

Dinesh Nair wrote:

>> as far as i am concern, Oo meets 90% of my needs. i hv not experienced 
>> any show-stopper bugs.
> i have. a bunch of documents created in oo.o 1.1.x in the native format 
> refuses to display correctly and intermittently causes objects to 
> disappear when opened in oo.o 2.0, and this too on build m137. testing 
> with build m3 on ditesh's notebook didnt show a recurrance of the 
> problem. note that m3 predates m137.

I have /repeatedly/ mentioned that you should either:

a) send them to me
b) report it to IssueZilla and attach it

Keeping in view that FreeBSD packages are community built, there could 
be a bug introduced in the gsl/vcl areas, depending on what makefile was 
used (tada, different configure options, and what not). Also, m137 isn't 
OOo2 (time to portupgrade). And ditesh's m3, we ought to check with 
Khairil, as it may as well /not be/ m3 (and a forgotten update of the 
makefile in his pre-built package)

Now, if this was MS Office, would you call MS Support? Would they care? 
;-) Just curious, since I've never used it before

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