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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org,by Andrew Brown, The Guardian

On 12/21/05 10:39 Colin Charles said the following:
> I have /repeatedly/ mentioned that you should either:

given your own admission that the oo.o developers dont eat their own 
dogfood, i find this rather hollow. when the developers of the software 
dont use their own software, it sends a less than desirable message to the 

> a) send them to me
> b) report it to IssueZilla and attach it

which makes it difficult as the documents are sensitive in nature, and much 
worse, the error is randomly present across the slides in that set. and as 
far as i remember, i've shown the bugs to you already.

> Keeping in view that FreeBSD packages are community built, there could 

whatever the build process, the packages are distributed from the oo.o 
website itself, and hence the responsibility would need to be theirs now, 
wouldnt it ?

> Now, if this was MS Office, would you call MS Support? Would they care? 
> ;-) Just curious, since I've never used it before

if it /was/ ms office, and it was a bug, they'd perhaps have a little more 
responsibility towards it and handle the customer issue, instead of 
attempting to shoot the messenger.

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