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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org,by Andrew Brown, The Guardian

Dinesh Nair wrote:

>> I have /repeatedly/ mentioned that you should either:
> given your own admission that the oo.o developers dont eat their own 
> dogfood, i find this rather hollow. when the developers of the software 
> dont use their own software, it sends a less than desirable message to 
> the userbase.

Not today I haven't, but I did open a Word document yesterday ;-)

Realistically, let's take a pick at a non-Sun developer, say Michael 
Meeks at Novell. He might spend most of his day in Emacs, writing the 
code, but surely he deals with OOo (his own dogfood) regularly while 
being attached to a company. Its just a bit hard for one to expect 
developers to write code in an office suite...

>> a) send them to me
>> b) report it to IssueZilla and attach it
> which makes it difficult as the documents are sensitive in nature, and 
> much worse, the error is randomly present across the slides in that set. 
> and as far as i remember, i've shown the bugs to you already.

Yes, I've seen it but I can't debug it while we sit at a restaurant on 
your laptop :P I did tell you to create a test case as well, if the 
documents were sensitive (we mention this in IssueZilla afaik)

And yes, I can vouch for it being random, on your laptop

>> Keeping in view that FreeBSD packages are community built, there could 
> whatever the build process, the packages are distributed from the oo.o 
> website itself, and hence the responsibility would need to be theirs 
> now, wouldnt it ?

Didn't you get it via ports/pkg_add?


Its Maho's community build. And yes, the responsibility would be Maho's 
and gang, but they don't know till there's a bug report, now would they?

>> Now, if this was MS Office, would you call MS Support? Would they 
>> care? ;-) Just curious, since I've never used it before
> if it /was/ ms office, and it was a bug, they'd perhaps have a little 
> more responsibility towards it and handle the customer issue, instead of 
> attempting to shoot the messenger.

Not shooting the messenger. Microsoft would ask for a test case, in 
which case the messenger didn't want to provide. Not much can be done, 

In bugzilla, we call this state NEEDINFO_REPORTER. Sadly, a lot of bugs 
stay in this state, and eventually get closed (because the developers 
themselves can't reproduce this issue).

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