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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org,by Andrew Brown, The Guardian

On 12/21/05 15:27 Colin Charles said the following:
> being attached to a company. Its just a bit hard for one to expect 
> developers to write code in an office suite...

not to write code, but perhaps to write documents, spreadsheets and 
presentations. either way, this was your revelation, so i'm just requoting 
you when you said oo.o developers dont use the suite.:)

> your laptop :P I did tell you to create a test case as well, if the 
> documents were sensitive (we mention this in IssueZilla afaik)

the reproducability of the bug is random, hence the difficulty of doing 
this. in any case, the example i floated was to prove the assertion that 
there are show stopper bugs in oo.o, contrary to optimistic claims otherwise.

> Didn't you get it via ports/pkg_add?
> http://porting.openoffice.org/freebsd/

building oo.o from ports ? i'd do that if i had 3 days to spend doing nothing.

> In bugzilla, we call this state NEEDINFO_REPORTER. Sadly, a lot of bugs 
> stay in this state, and eventually get closed (because the developers 
> themselves can't reproduce this issue).

but that there is an existence of a bug is not in doubt.

the issue here is more the aptitude and attitude of the developers instead 
of the existence of a bug itself. it's not whether a bug exists or not. all 
software has bugs, some big and some trivial. the real issue is how those 
bugs are handled and the customer support issues surrounding that. that 
mental mindset is sorely lacking, and has already been demonstrated in this 

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