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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org,by Andrew Brown, The Guardian


if i wanted to have the old switchable context sensitive object toolbar 
from oo.o1.1.x back into oo.o2.x. what do i need to do ? from the 
ooforum i have tried 2 possible solutions - that did not display the 
same behaviour in oo.o1.1.x
1. overlapped the 2 toolbars (format and table) on the same bar with the 
table toolbar slightly too the right of the left window border and the 
formatting toolbar aligned to the left window border. problem: switching 
does not work. the table toolbar is shoved to the right.
2. create custom toolbar with all the buttons from format and table 
toolbars. problem: too many buttons to fit on one toolbar and context 
sensitive behaviour will only disable the button and not make the button 

tried searching for something like a container toolbar that i can put 
several toolbars and be able to switch between them. but not found it. 
the thing with this object toolbar issue is that it was available before 
and some mso users also thought it was a useful feature. now it is gone 
and the mso users think that it looks more like poor relative of mso.

i have also read an article from a regular oo.o user lamenting the fact 
that oo.o2.0 is now more similar to mso than it is to oo.o1.1.x

i would go back to using oo.o1.1.x if it was not for oo.o2.0 feature for 
more columns and rows in calc and more drawing shapes in impress and 
overall better compatibility with mso files.

would i pay for oo.o2.0 ? yes, if it was less than rm100 and included a 
manual and had unlimited regular updates. would i pay for mso if it was 
rm100 ? no, since it is always trying to be too clever - destructive 
when it comes to my regular job of migrating data from one application 
to another that requires some adjustment of columnar data. before 
staroffice i was using lotus123 and quattropro which i bought for about 
rm150 each.

Colin Charles wrote:

> Dinesh Nair wrote:
>>> being attached to a company. Its just a bit hard for one to expect 
>>> developers to write code in an office suite...
>> not to write code, but perhaps to write documents, spreadsheets and 
>> presentations. either way, this was your revelation, so i'm just 
>> requoting you when you said oo.o developers dont use the suite.:)
> Well, when I said that, we were talking about office users. None of 
> the developers, afaik, work as secretaries or PA's, so don't get to 
> use the suite to its fullest. The only reason I learnt a lot about OOo 
> was when I used to do migration training, which was, eons ago. To be 
> honest, I found out a lot of OOo that we (most of the devels on the 
> IRC channel then) would've never known existed :P
> <unrelated anecdote>
> Oh the other day, I found out that =FIND() and =SEARCH() in OOo and 
> MSOffice work completely different. But I managed to get the same 
> solution required, using an =iserror() workaorund, coupled with IF and 
> Its things like this I don't expect Jane Random to figure out (hence a 
> bug was filed)
> </unrelated anecdote>
>>> your laptop :P I did tell you to create a test case as well, if the 
>>> documents were sensitive (we mention this in IssueZilla afaik)
>> the reproducability of the bug is random, hence the difficulty of 
>> doing this. in any case, the example i floated was to prove the 
>> assertion that there are show stopper bugs in oo.o, contrary to 
>> optimistic claims otherwise.
> So, no chance of a bug filed, yet?
>>> Didn't you get it via ports/pkg_add?
>>> http://porting.openoffice.org/freebsd/
>> building oo.o from ports ? i'd do that if i had 3 days to spend doing 
>> nothing.
> pkg_add openoffice then
> That incidentally is also a question you'd need to answer in the bug 
> reporting form
>>> In bugzilla, we call this state NEEDINFO_REPORTER. Sadly, a lot of 
>>> bugs stay in this state, and eventually get closed (because the 
>>> developers themselves can't reproduce this issue).
>> but that there is an existence of a bug is not in doubt.
> Without a test case, and just a visual, its a little impossible to fix
>> the issue here is more the aptitude and attitude of the developers 
>> instead of the existence of a bug itself. it's not whether a bug 
>> exists or not. all software has bugs, some big and some trivial. the 
>> real issue is how those bugs are handled and the customer support 
>> issues surrounding that. that mental mindset is sorely lacking, and 
>> has already been demonstrated in this thread.
> This thread is a mix of several meets at Yatra, and possibly Castle 
> (add alcohol to that) that the rest don't know about. Berating a 
> fellow developer, not submiting a bug report, or attempting to do 
> anything more than complain, doesn't show much aptitude either
> Customer support from an open source project for free is always 
> interesting right? The mentality has always been a help yourself 
> attitude, visit a mailing list and if this is a NEEDINFO_REPORTER 
> without any info, it just goes on being unanswered.
> Kind regards,
> Your friendly old OpenOffice.org developer
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