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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org,by Andrew Brown, The Guardian

On 12/21/05 16:39 Colin Charles said the following:
> Written oh so, 16 years ago. New features get those niggly things (look 
> at allfeatures@openoffice.org if you want)

interesting, and there's not been any review of the functional specs nor 
the architecture ?

> This thread came from the guardian, but the comments "quoted" involved 
> f2f meets.

not really. i was talking about oo.o and it's inadequacies and a bug i 
faced. you drew in the other bits. for some strange reason you're seeing 
this as a hit on your ego and are taking it personally.

> If OOo crashes, there's a crash reporter. If you visit the website, 

the point flew over your head, but then that is exactly the problem now 
isnt it ?

software does have bugs and users will have problems. what matters is how 
those issues are handled. telling a user off is definitely not the 
recommended plan of action. more so when a bug is shown directly to an 
alleged developer, whose response was to say, go file it with a lizard or 
bugger off. it's the attitude and aptitude exhibited which is the core of 
what andrew brown wrote about. this thread has at least proven that he was 
write in one instance.

if open source software has an intent of spreading it's message and 
principles globally, it should be aware of user related issues and change 
its own mindset in order to be cognizant of a user's needs and 
requirements. the old mentality of "scratching my itch" has to stop. if 
that were to continue, oss will only be used by oss proponents and 
developers and remain a niche movement for hobbyists.

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