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[ossig] Invitation to participate in FLOSSWorld survey

Hi all,

Some of you might have heard about the FLOSSWorld survey. As for some brief introduction, FLOSSWORLD is a European Union funded project involving 17 institutions from 12 countries spanning Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, to undertake a worldwide study on the impact of select issues in the context of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). As you are aware, in the recent years, FLOSS has gained considerable momentum across the world and resulting in a wide interest from communities of developers, software users, companies in IT and non-IT sector, governments, and so on. A variety of high-quality software is today available as FLOSS for a range of applications from healthcare to e-learning. Comprehensive efforts to complete a sustainable eco-system are in progress through establishment of trans-national projects, resource centres, and other collaborative efforts. FLOSSWORLD is one dimension of this flurry of activity, focussing on empirical studies of FLOSS developers and users from different spheres. The studies will cover topics such as impact of being in a FLOSS community on career growth and prospects, motivational factors in choice of FLOSS, perspectives from user community towards FLOSS, inter-regional differences in FLOSS development methodology, etc. The project also aims to develop an international community of interested people in areas such as FLOSS in education, FLOSS in e-government, etc. As for Malaysia, the survey will be covering 3 tracks with 5 questionaires which are;

1. Skills (Track 1) - Survey of FLOSS developers
2. Skills ( Track 1) - Survey of employers (HR managers at business)
3. Skills (Track 1) -Survey of universities and institutes of higher education
4. Software developer (Track 2) - survey of FLOSS project developers
5. Government (Track 3) - survey of FLOSS/ Open Standards in government

Currently, the questionaires are being finalised amongst the consortium members. Before it going live, we need some input and feedback from the local OSS community on the questions and to introduce, where appropriate any local terms to ensure International comparability - i.e using local currencies in the questionnaire and localised scales when asking about income or expenditure levels, introduction of additonal questions that are unique to each country´s context. These will be carefully designed and positioned, so that they do not reduce the international comparability of the rest of the questionnaire. This may include questions on the roles of specific government organisations, businesses, higher learning, local OSS projects and so forth.

The FLOSSWorld survey, we hope at least to become an indicator on our local OSS perception, usage and adoption as compared to other countries in the world.

Any of you who are interested to have a look on the questionaires, feel free to email me at afrezal AT mimos.my

I hope you will be able to spare some time for this effort despite your busy schedule of commitments. And I do look forward to receiving a positive response from you.

Afrezal Tahrin
Open Source
MIMOS Berhad
Technology Park Malaysia
57000 Kuala Lumpur