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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] [FOSS-PDI] Analysis: Limitations of OpenOffice.Org,by Andrew Brown, The Guardian

On 12/22/05 22:47 Colin Charles said the following:
> OK. Let me reverse the situation. FreeBSD has problems[1]; we tell an 

irrelevant red herring.

> Anyways, this thread isn't going to go very far at all. You're going to 
> play devil's advocate as the user, and I'm going to play the typical 
> developer. You realise you have a problem, IssueZilla has nothing filed 

which is exactly the problem now, isnt it ? typical developers of the 
openoffice variety dont seem to care about bugs, with the predictable 
response of file it or bugger off. that's the attitude which needs to 
change and that was the core of the andrew brown article.

add a fragile ego into the mix, and nothing gets fixed.

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