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Re: [ossig] Re: Linux installation for a novice


Do you have a contact number that i can call?


On 12/31/05, nplee <nplee@tm.net.my > wrote:
Thanks Kumar.

Guys, any one would like to land a hand to Mr. Kumar?

Happy New Year.

Suthesh Kumar wrote:
> Hi Mr Lee,
> I spoke to you a few days ago re my inablity to install a Linux os.I
> have now come to the conclusion that it is beyond my competence.
>              I have in my posession 4 sets of red hat Linux 9.One set
> comes to a halt on the following step; What type of media contains the
> package to be installed.  Local cd-rom.
>              No red hat cd found which matches your bootmedia.Pse insert
> RH Linux cd & retry.
>            The other set which was issued during a atsc course comes to
> a halt on the following step.
>          Error Partitoning. Partition failed - could not alocate
> partition as primary position.
>          The following errors occured.
>           Ypu have not defined a root partition(/)which is required for
> the installation of RH Linux to continue
>           I have also other distributions that I have purchased and
> triedbut failed.
>         I have an Athlon processor, two hard disks with 256 memory. I am
> trying for a dual boot system.
> The purpose of a Linux installation for me is to use the internet &
> learn to use star office.
>         I am a senior citizen & this is for private use as a hobby.
>      The assistance that I would like to ask from you is information on
> whether there are shops or people who for a fee would be able to help me
> in installing such a system.
> I have tried the internet but find you need some programing knowledge
> and skills to utilize the information posted there.
>        If you can help by pointing me in the right direction I would be
> grateful.
>                                                              Thank You
>                                  Kumar
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best wishes.
/nan phin

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