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Re: [ossig] China's Linux disease

BIGrat wrote:
> this is sooooo applicable and parallels many instances of what is 
> happening here :(
> dare we admit it?

<going offtopic>
Dare we admit the underlying reasons ?
You may loathe the Americans, you may hate Bush. But they will have 
success as long as they follow common sense: You can slaughter a cow, 
but then it won't give any more milk.
As far as I can perceive, the majority of the decision makers in US 
still follow the principle of keeping a balance between personal 
enrichment and societal concerns. Finally, you can only get richer 
still, tomorrow, in a prosperous environment.
Alas, in the cultures / societies cited (and drawn parallels to) by you, 
the greed of the individuals to enrich oneself beyond bounds disregards 
any concern if the actual behaviour is somewhat sustainable.
Sociology comes in; as well as psychology and history. Someone who has 
experienced and survived the Cultural Revolution cannot be expected to 
base his business decisions on the assumption of continuity. If you can 
drill your arms into cash today, you'll do so and grab whatever you can 
get hold of.
Political stability, dependability and predictability, alas, give the 
American Business people an advantage: Not greedily grabbing and eating 
all grains of today will give you another, bigger, harvest next year. 
This is what we don't see in PRC today; according to the cited source at 
And neither do we see anything vastly different in this country.
A too large amount of the IT people in this country are no different, we 
have to admit this. The idea of 'independence' hasn't taken off. Either 
you subscribe your soul to Microsoft or someone else *who can promise 
you to get rich*. How many did I meet who did honestly, deep inside, 
think 'for Malaysia' ?? (mainly foreigners, what a joke !)
How many did I meet who were *keen* of giving out code ? Compared to 
those who give it back *reluctantly* !!
As if there was no notion, that if everyone behaved like that, there 
wouldn't have been code in the first place ... ! Therefore, instead of 
building a sustainable infrastructure (of IT, e.g.) that will nourish us 
and our kids, we are simply sitting and waiting for the clump of gold to 
grab and then run and run and run ... .

Am I too negative ?


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