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Re: [ossig] China's Linux disease

On 1/4/06, Uwe Dippel <udippel@uniten.edu.my> wrote:
> You may loathe the Americans, you may hate Bush. But they will have
> success as long as they follow common sense: You can slaughter a cow,
> but then it won't give any more milk.
> As far as I can perceive, the majority of the decision makers in US
> still follow the principle of keeping a balance between personal
> enrichment and societal concerns. Finally, you can only get richer
> still, tomorrow, in a prosperous environment.

Having lived in the US and worse, done US gov't procurement contracts
... sorry, but ... BWAHAHAHAHAHA .... *wipes tears from his eyes*

Sorry, nothing personal, but that's a romanticized view of the US
which people outside of the US often see, especially via its mass
media. It's worse here in China, where I've met a few who hero worship
the US, believing it can do no wrong, while condemning the local
government for doing exactly the same thing some parts of the US gov't

In some areas, no doubt, the US is better than other governments. But
don't romanticize them. Someone like Bush can come to power only if
close to 50% of the voting population believe as he and his people do.

> Am I too negative ?

I would say you're very idealistic. That's a good thing :)


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