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Re: [ossig] China's Linux disease

On 01/04/06 14:01 Kenneth Wong said the following:
> Gov't contracts, due to the nature of bureaucrats, are almost always
> awarded to people that have a history of working with the gov't. No
> bureaucrat wants to stick their head out and add a new, untried

true, but then this isnt as secure as you make it out to be either. if the 
politician/bureaucrat changes, then the favoured vendor changes as well. 
this allows /new/ companies with paid up capital of RM2 being succesfull 
winners of multimillion government tenders.

the situation is fragile for any favoured vendor too, as your business 
rivals are always plotting and scheming to have you removed as the favoured 
vendor. each has his own favourite patron within the procurement system, be 
it a politician, a bureaucrat or a runner for hire.

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