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[ossig] Re: [myoss] Ubuntu Asia Business Tour

People are you still interested?  Perhaps its best to have it on Feb 1st 
as its the few days before that is Chinese New Years, and people should 
theoretically be back.

contacts with universities? governments?

Hi Aizat,

Happy New Year! I hope this message finds you well.

As you know, we are still on for our Asia Business Tour and I wanted to 
get in touch with you again as we get closer to the trip date. I have 
been getting mixed messages about our proposed trip date - which is 
January 31st at this point - and wanted to get your thoughts.

I was under the impression that it was okay for us to travel to Kuala 
Lumpur to set up meetings with government officials, companies, and also 
meet with the members of the community (university students interested 
in Linux, developers, LUG members, etc.). However, I am now concerned 
that this may not be the case. Do you have any advice you can offer on 
this issue? Do you know for sure whether it is a national holiday or not?

If it is a national holiday, do you think we could still get a very good 
turnout at the meetings since people don't have to go to work/school and 
can come to our meeting instead?

I would like to resolve this as quickly as possible given that we are 
getting closer to the trip date, and I really appreciate any insight you 
can offer.

Thank you so very much,