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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] Ubuntu Asia Business Tour


Their primary purpose is to meet gov't officials and companies. Jan
31st - Feb 1st is a BAD time for this. Even for the community, a good
number may not yet return at this point in time. I remember in my
days, I would be off with my family in Penang for that entire period,
returning only the day before (hence the famous traffic jams in the
pre-highway days). While this has no doubt changed somewhat, it is
still likely to be a factor.

The gov't and commercial sector would be worse of course, as meeting
Canonical is work and they won't do that on their vacation days.

Personally, I would advise them to come the day after holidays are
over. Someone should've warned them that a huge portion of Asia shuts
down during that time period :)


On 1/6/06, Aizat Faiz <aizat.faiz@gmail.com> wrote:
> People are you still interested?  Perhaps its best to have it on Feb 1st
> as its the few days before that is Chinese New Years, and people should
> theoretically be back.
> contacts with universities? governments?

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