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[ossig] ZDNet: Real Geeks stay ahead

The rest of the world has finally noticed that the geeks have inherited the 
Earth. Time to move on

Evolution is no respecter of seniority, and is unmoved by questions of good 
taste. The dinosaurs must have snorted in derision at the first mammals  
curiously small, fuzzy and overheated, they had none of the attributes of 
real lizards. Yet when the climate changed, we had the last laugh.

The same is true today of that peculiar subspecies, Homo sapiens geekii. 
Twenty years ago we scurried from niche to niche, overlooked or ridiculed 
by the mainstream as we wrote software, soldered in RAM chips and wired up 
modems. Now the world is run by the things we helped to create, and we're 
reaping the rewards.

First the PC, then the Internet made arguments for technology that anyone 
could understand. The subsequent growth in the pervasiveness of the Web has 
been matched by an increase in the social and financial standing of those 
who truly understand how it works. In an increasingly technologically 
dependant and obsessed society, geeks have gone from underclass to ruling 

A study released this week documents this rise as the creation of a wealthy 
and successful demographic  the New Geeks. Of course we're not actually 
new, just early adopters who ride the curve until everyone else catches up.

It's worth noting where the early adopters are now  working in autonomous 
systems, massively parallel distributed computing, and rebuilding their 
technological environment. All ideas that make normal people's eyes glaze 
over. Good.

There will always be geeks. No matter how much the rest of society catches 
up, the true geeks, the top 10 percent obsessive, eccentric geniuses will 
always stay ahead of the curve. The mainstream, no matter how well-padded, 
is boring. Only by existing on the margins of technology are they able to 
push its boundaries and leave room for everyone else to follow.


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