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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] Ubuntu Asia Business Tour

It appears that they have booked 1st Feb for a day in Indonesia, and I 
have suggested for coming in mid Feb.  Nonetheless to visit Malaysia 
they require visas, and they are saying that they require a letter of 
invitation from a company based in Malaysia.  If any company wants to 
help?  Give me a buzz.

Thank You,
Aizat Faiz

Ang Chin Han wrote:

>On 1/6/06, BIGrat <tikus.besar@gmail.com> wrote:
>>dear all,
>>pls note that the 28.jan to the 3rd will be a quite time in KL, and i
>>believe most of us may agree that the businesses in KL will grind to a halt
>>with the overlapping of holidays.  mid feb onwards would be a better bet.
>>29-31 jan  CNY
>>31      jan  Awal Muharam
>>01      feb  FT day
>Agree. Mid February will be a better choice. Many in the government
>and business will usually be taking the opportunity to extend their
>leave as well, so even the week after the holidays will be rather
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