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[ossig] In Brief: Mainsoft extends Windows solutions to Linux/eServer |InfoWorld | News | 2006-01-12 | By InfoWorld staff

Mainsoft has teamed with IBM (Profile, Products, Articles) to enable Windows Web and server applications to run on Linux (Overview, Articles, Company) across IBM's (Profile, Products, Articles) eServer line of platforms. Mainsoft (Profile, Products, Articles) makes it easier for .Net software vendors that have developed products for Windows servers to offer solutions built on an open source stack of Linux and IBM WebSphere.



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Mainsoft's Visual MainWin for J2EE is a development solution for the .Net and J2EE platforms that integrates seamlessly into Visual Studio .Net. Version 1.7 has been validated on IBM's Server Proven program. The new release, which supports WebSphere 6, WebSphere 6 Express, and WebSphere 5.1, can be used to create portal applications for deployment on WebSphere Portal Server 5. Mainsoft Professional Services ports .Net Web and server applications to run on WebSphere and other J2EE-enabled platforms and validates them as IBM eServer compatible.