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Re: [ossig] Freedom Fighters

On 01/16/06 02:17 Ditesh Kumar said the following:
> The thing people forget about the GPL is that it's a document dealing
> with human Freedom. Eric doesn't get it, because he doesn't see creating
> software in those terms, he just wants to have more efficient and better
> software and thinks that allowing others to see and modify the source

right, like creating better software is not the job and duty of a software 
engineer. oh well.

 > is that NetApp was originally based on Open Source (note not "Free")
 > software.

interesting view. i've said many times that proponents of the pure free 
software philosophy are non-inclusive of open source, while open source is 
inclusive of the free software philosophy. some folk here have said 
otherwise. i wonder what their response will be given jeremy allison's 
assertion above that open source is somehow not free software.

> originally FreeBSD. I'm sure since then it's been heavily modified, I
> know just as one example it's been made SMP-aware to cope with multiple
> processors. The reason few people know this is not one line of those
> changes (to my knowledge) has been contributed back to the FreeBSD
> effort. Open Source, in the form of the BSD license, was certainly weak

he knows wrong. netapp has recently contributed a port of FreeBSD for the 
Xen virtualization framework, and this is just in recent times. they've 
also contributed code to the NFS implementations and iianm, were also the 
initiators of NFSv4 along with other vendors. i believe that the CTO of 
netapp is also the ietf chair for the NFS working group.

and jeremy refers to SMP capability when FreeBSD has been SMP capable for 
quite a while already. i'm confused by this implied argument that NetApp 
created SMP capability on FreeBSD and kept it silent.

> I'm going to put my trust in people like Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen,
> Georg Greve (of the Free Software Foundation Europe) and Bradley Kuhn,

of the four names mentioned above, i've had personal experience with 
two[1], rms and georg greve, and the one common thread running thru both is 
the insistence that all things should be free software and not open source. 
this unwillingness to accomodate different methods and goals while still 
fulfiling the same underlying principles is what usually turns me off from 
the GPL fanatics.

many have called me a BSD fanatic, but what they dont see is that it's more 
of the GPL pushing me away than the BSD drawing me in.

we live in a global ecosystem of software populated by many people with 
differing views on software development, business models, propogation 
mechanics and ideals. like it or not, the commercial software model is 
still dominant inspite of the inroads open source has made over the last 
decade. adopting an aggressive stance while you're the weaker party will 
not work here, which is why i prefer the term open source and the 
principles of folk like brian behlendorf, bruce perens and eric s raymod 
who've advocated a more inclusive policy which eases the transition from 
the commercial closed soure model to an open source model, commercial or 

> GPL, the legal basis for our community. They are the ones out there
> giving talks to the public, working with legislators, creating the
> framework that allows us programmers to safely write our code and
> release it in what would otherwise be an incredibly hostile and
> predatory environment for Free Software.

people who do not believe solely in the GPL but in open source in general 
do the same things above as well, so this is not the sole domain of GNU/GPL.

[1] i've briefly met eben morglen and bradley kuhn, but not have had 
"philosophical" discussions with either of them

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