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Re: [ossig] Interest in Community Oriented LPI Examinations

> I would like to know if there is anybody who wishes to take the low cost
> LPIC exams. If there are, we can organize another round of exams in
> early march.

To follow up, here are some details:

1) What is LPIC - its one of the two defacto Linux certification exams
(the other being RHCE). The LPI Certification program is designed to
certify the competency of system administration using the Linux
operating system and its associated tools. It is designed to be
distribution neutral, following the Linux Standards Base and other
relevant standards and conventions. 

2) The usual cost for these exams are USD 100, but as Dr Nah is the
volunteer Malaysian proctor, we can have it much cheaper. The cost of
the local exams are RM 120 per paper (for example: if you are taking
LPIC 101 and LPIC 102, your total cost will be RM 240).

3) LPIC 201/202 are not being offered by the LPI yet for the paper based
examinations, so you can only take LPIC 101/102.

4) We will need at least 15 candidates before we can conduct the exam,
so please pass this email to your friends and colleagues. Post it on
your college/university and your company notification boards. If you
visit online geek forums often, post it there too.

5) If we get sufficient number of candidates to have the exam:

	a) the exam will be conducted in the month of March.
	b) payment is due /before/ we order the papers from Canada (this is to
avoid last minute cancellations which happened in the first LPIC exam)

6) There's no training provided, but online resources are available for
self study. If the local community wishes to organize a training session
or knowledge sharing session, that would be most excellent!


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