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Re: [ossig] asterix

Thanks, thats very helpful... I'd heard of sangoma,  but not
aculab..will look into them...

It looks as though we've outgrown analog lines.  Does anyone know the
most common way of connecting lots of lines to telekom's PSTN ?  Are
most people using PRI ISDN to bring in 32 lines or are E1 connections


On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 16:04 +0800, Dinesh Nair wrote:
> On 01/17/06 09:17 Ted Targosz said the following:
> > Thanks Dinesh,  at one point last year you were commenting that Sirim
> > had not approved the digium hardware and thus it was technically illegal
> > to connect it to the Telekom infrastructure... is that still an issue?
> since then, one (that i know of) company has applied for SIRIM typespec 
> approval and are bringing them in, though for thier use and not for resale. 
> the way typespec approvals work is that if you (or me) want to bring the 
> cards in for our use, we need to reapply for typespec approval.
> silly, but that is the bureaucratic process.
> you may also want to investigate other line cards from sangoma, intel, 
> acculabs et al. the intel and acculabs cards are already type approved and 
> sold by a local distributor.

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