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Re: [ossig] Open Source Software Making Inroads in Organizations

> Gaining in popularity were open source business applications software such
> as portals and content management systems. Some 42% of the survey
> participants had open source portals and content management systems that
> supported a single function. Some 16% used open source customer relationship
> management systems, a percentage that will double in the next three years.

It's good to read this. There were strongly held opinions (as was heard
loud and clear when some of the local FOSS people went for the local
MIND meetings) that FOSS has no future and will die (due to the alleged
lack of ownership in FOSS) - statistics such as this one that show
growth clearly dispute their opinions and give encouragement for those
who are new to FOSS.

Now somebody just needs to post this to the MIND forums ... :-)


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