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[ossig] Use of FOSS in local universities

Does anybody know of any academic universities that use a fully FOSS
system for their needs, eg. administrative, websites, network
management, labs, email servers etc.

Could you let me know?

The reason is that two universities one in the Philippines as well as
University of South Pacific, Fiji are already/moving towards
standardising on FOSS for their IT services. USP for example have
approved migration workplan to migrate to completely use FOSS by 2008,
including use of OpenOffice (since they now have Fijian Spellchecker
also for OOo).

For example, USP's Law Faculty provides their courses and materials
using completely FOSS platform (Linux/Zope)

I'm trying to build a list, so that future decisions/advocacy can be
made easier if other academic institutions are already implementing it.

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