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[ossig] HITB : Zong-H Hands on security training

Only 9 more seats available !
Title: Zone-H Hands On Hacking Unlimited

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Hands-on Hacking Unlimited


 Register before 13th February 2006 to enjoy the early bird rate and get a FREE SEAT at HITBSecConf2006 - Malaysia!


Zone-H in collaboration with Hack In The Box is proud to present the Zone-H Hands-on Hacking Unlimited 2-day training course! Hands-on Hacking Unlimited has been created for IT professionals, security officers and network administrators who wishes to understand what really happens whenever an attack is perpetrated and which vulnerabilities are exploited. Hands-on Hacking Unlimited offers an effective and complete perspective on logical security issues through a lateral-thinking approach to system security, combining ethical hacking fundamentals with an in-depth analysis of the most critical areas.


Training Overview


This course is targeted at IT professionals who wish to learn the various hacking and defensive techniques used by hackers to compromise an organizationís IT infrastructure. The course is designed both for those who have already acquired hacking and security basics and for those who are approaching the subject for the first time, and wishing to acquire a comprehensive background and solid practical skills.


Who Should Attend?


- IT managers

- IT security specialists

- Security officers

- EDP managers

- Network administrators

- Individuals and enthusiasts interested in this topic


What You Will Learn


- How to think like a hacker to improve protection of your system

- How to discover and exploit discovered vulnerabilities

- Typical techniques used to gain access into a system

- How to conceal tracks

- How to collect information and profile information systems

- How to find and use hacker toolboxes


Course Style: Live Hacking!


The course is lector-led, using hacking simulations to illustrate potential threats. Numerous practical case

studies will be provided as working examples.




2 days




Background in Microsoft Windows and Linux is required. Basic programming skills are also desirable. You will be required to bring your own laptop (with Windows XP/2000/NT) and a working DVDROM/CDROM drive.


Event Details




6th & 7th March 2006



9am to 6pm



The Westin,
Kuala Lumpur



EARLY BIRD RATE  USD1337 per attendee! 

NORMAL RATE USD1500 per attendee!








Full course details available at: http://training.hackinthebox.org/hoh1/?page_id=8

If you are unable to access training.hackinthebox.org kindly use http://training.hitb.org instead.

For further details regarding this upcoming training course,  please contact:


Ms. Belinda Choong (cbelinda@hackinthebox.org)

Mr. Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran (dhillon@hackinthebox.org)


Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Level 26, Menara IMC,

No. 8 Jalan Sultan Ismail,

50250 Kuala Lumpur,



Tel: +603-20394724

Fax: +603-20318359