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[ossig] Cheap 1U Co-Location

Hello i am looking for people to co-locate with me because i will be 
getting some rackspace, the server will be hosted in the Jaring IDC @ 
TPM Bukit jalil, which is said do have the largest bandwidth in Malaysia 
of 2.5Gbps the details are :

1 x I.P Address

1 x Power source

1 x 10/100Mbps Network Connection

Unmetered data transfer

Unlimited physical visits

Firewall / IDS Protection

*The pricing is :*

RM 160/month for 1U
RM 320/month for 2U
RM 480/month for 3U
RM 640/month for 4U

Total first month payment : RM 500 (Setup + Deposit + First month 
payment) [ONE TIME FEE]
and the following months RM 160 for 1U, RM 320 for 2U and so on.

Rackspace is limited we only have 6 more left !

E-Mail : prabu@interunix.net <mailto:prabu@interunix.net> for more 

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