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[ossig] Invitation to participate in Code Fest, 7th Asia Open Source Software Symposium

Hi all,

In conjunction with the 7^th Asia Open Source Software Symposium,
CodeFest event will be held from March 4 -- 5, 2006 in Mimos Berhad,
Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. This will be a marathon coding
event where software developers gather together for 32 hours non-stop
working towards common goals. This is a great chance for actual open
source practitioners in Asia to meet up and collaborate. For those who
are interested please register here http://7aoss.asiaosc.org/?q=node/7

MIMOS is also sponsoring an exhibition booth for Malaysian OSS community
at Nikko Hotel from March 6-8, 2006. We are looking for potential OSS
projects to participate in the "Community Booth". For interested
parties, please email your project description to ossall@mimos.my.