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[ossig] - Reply - FW: Ubuntu-Pakistan A point of concern for the FOSS Community

From: Muhammad Inam Ul Haq [mailto:inamulhaq78@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 11:20 PM
To: bajwa@fossfp.org
Subject: Re: Ubuntu-Pakistan A point of concern for the FOSS Community

Respected Bajwa
Assalamo Alikum
I appreciat your keenness about these matters. I want to bring a point in
your notice that in 2002 ,the Govt of NWFP declared that Linux will be the
Official Operating system,(according to Dr.Lutfullah kaka Khel, the adviser
of IT to Governer), but at the same time the Govt of Pakistan entered into
agreement with microsoft for protecting the Intellectual property of
Microsoft,in response of Microsoft provision of PCs and providing training
to the educational Institutions of Pakistan.It was decided to Launch this
programm first in NWFP.
     This was then applied and only One lab in a school consisting 20 PCs
and Softwares like MS Office and windows Xp costs in hundreds of Thousands.
So one can Imagin the application in 24 districts with average 20 high
schools each district that how much will it cost.
Now there are many point of concern Like posts advertised in Govt sector for
sys Admuin needs MCSE,  Software development MCSD like things.
This  inclination of our countary  towards Microsoft and other explioting
companies in the software market shows our willingness to be exploited.
  we should either let the exploiters to exploite us by adhereing to the
same policy or pursue an independent one.
Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Fouad Riaz Bajwa <bajwa@fossfp.org> wrote:
Government of Punjab Pakistan and Microsoft Promoting IT Skills in Pakistan

UNITAR E skills 360 degrees for 21st Century Employability Skills a Dream
for the Province of Punjab Lahore, January 27th 2006 

Microsoft to invest $10m in Punjab The News, March 17th, 2005 

ICWFD E skills 360 degrees for 21st Century Employability Skills a Dream for
the Province of Punjab

Can Pakistan afford this reckless spending amidst of massive earthquake
destruction, its commitment towards achieving the Millennium Development
Goals and poverty alleviation through ICTs? At the same time the Government
has created an Open Source Resource Centre spending millions on the
promotion of Free and Open Source Software (for e.g. 60 Million on just one

Through This aristocratic project costing millions of dollars/billions of
rupees by Government of the Punjab is working to promote proprietary
software organizations like Microsoft in collaboration with UNITAR-United
Nations Institute for Training and Research that is surprisingly against the
agenda of United Nations promoting FOSS in developing countries for reducing
digital divide and alleviating poverty and achieving the MDGs. In
partnership with the Government of the Punjab are the International
Commission on Workforce Development. 

Food for Thought:
-From where will all this money come and who will pay the loans back, our
future generations?
-Through the promotion of Proprietary Software, aren't we putting the people
of Punjab in the Software Piracy Trap? The amount sums up to 1 Million
-Would all these people be able to purchase proprietary software licenses to
implement their skills developed through this programme?
-Should we believe this is the right way to overcome the digital divide?

A question mark for the FOSS Community Activists, IOSN, FSF, OSI, Open
Source Resource Centre, others advocating the use of FOSS and those who
attend conferences and consultations from Pakistan presenting large figures
of trainings and various programmes at Asia OSS, FOSSAP, WSIS etc!

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary - FOSS Advocate
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