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[ossig] WSIS FOSS Panel Videos


Videos from the panel discussion at the World Summit for the Information
Society. Tunis on 18 November 2005. Discussion led by Richard Stallman
(Free Software Foundation), Bruce Perens (SourceLabs), Rober Kramer
(CompTIA), Shane Wall (Intel), Louis-Dominique Ouedraogo (UN Joint
Inspection Unit) and Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu Foundation). The
discussion was moderated by Kenneth Cukier (Economist).

The RMS talk is pretty good and I think similar to the first RMS talk in
Malaysia, where he frames importance on "Freedom", and compares tactics
of proprietary software companies to those of old colonial powers and

In FOSS Ogg Theora goodness. :)

Thanks to #myoss guys who helped test it out. I learnt a thing or two
with regards to FOSS video.

Ogg encoding how to is here:

Other tools:

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