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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] For MyOSS: Electronic Filing of Tax Returnin Malaysia

On 02/23/06 15:43 Ditesh Kumar said the following:
> The community would certainly be glad to help, but other then MDC with
> their CC initiative and getting community/public feedback, there has

when asked about the MSC's open source policy at an industry dialogue on 
Monday, the new MDC CEO clearly stated that they do not have any open 
source specific policy or initiatives and that there wont be one. he 
clearly delineated that their CC policy was not relevant to any open source 

i wouldnt be holding up MDC as a supporter of open source just yet.

> been very little or nonexistent active engagement from the powers that
> be; which is sad as there's certainly potential for a great deal of
> synergy.

this is where you're so mistaken.

MAMPU has called for a public dialogue on the The Malaysian Public Sector 
Open Source Software Initiative, but only a very small number[1] from the 
community attended. there were more proprietary software lobbyists at that 
event than there were open source people.

as such, they have tried to engage but the community did not respond to the 

see http://www.my-opensource.org/lists/myoss/2005-08/msg00135.html for the 
invitation by yusseri on behalf of MAMPU.

[1] i saw uwe and molly there for sure. if i missed anyone else out, 
apologies in advance. yusseri's attendance didnt count as he was the 
moderator/presenter for the initiative.

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