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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] For MyOSS: Electronic Filing of Tax Return in Malaysia

>> Loath as I am to get my 2 cents in...
> I registered and I *very clearly* remember registering...
> If a party is organizing the event, then it becomes THEIR 
> responsibilty...
> And really, to claim that we are complaining about the cracks but 
> not...
>> Why, on God's green earth...
> Let me help you see it then...
> We registered but weren't invited and therefore excluded...
>> Tell you what, I'll see if I can get another event set up...
> That certainly would be great, and would clearly be an improvement...
>> I may yet not be able to get it organised...
> That's good and I sure as hell will attend...
> If you need help, holler and the community will step up...

so uhhh... back to the subject: Electronic Filing of Tax Return in 

This is one of those few electronic things which I really wouldn't want 
the government to support. How many people actually use the Internet in 
your neighbourhood? Most high school kids are learning how to use the 
computer in school but they don't pay taxes, do they?

I've a few points off the top of my head to share with everyone (I hope 
MAMPU or any government official is reading this) :

# Not everyone uses IE 5 or Windows. I have a Mac, and IE on the Mac is 
a totally different program and has been discontinued.
# If I can't use my only computer to my taxes, does that mean I'm 
exempted from paying my taxes?
# Please, please, please let me use Mozilla Firefox to pay my taxes. 
It's free and its the most secure and modern browser out there. I 
repeat: Mozilla Firefox is FREE, MODERN and SECURE. Tolonglah, 
Kerajaan!! Mozilla dengan Malaysia Boleh!
# Can the government provide me with a computer and/or Internet 
connection, so that I can pay my taxes? Or how about free public 
facilities for me to use to pay my taxes e.g. "tax payment kiosks".
# Will taxes on computer hardware be reduced and will Internet 
connection subscription fees be subsidised?

If there's some kind of campaign going on to guide government parties 
in implementing this decision or to reconsider it, I'd like to help 

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