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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] For MyOSS: Electronic Filing of Tax Return in Malaysia

On Thursday 23 February 2006 19:31, Ditesh Kumar wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 18:42 +0800, Yusseri Yusoff wrote:
> I registered and I *very clearly* remember registering 15 minutes after
> receiving the email. And I remember Khairil posting on the list that he
> registered and a group of #myoss'ers registered too. I was on the
> channel when this was happening. Khairil even posted that he promoted it
> on the IOSN site. Now *NONE* of us were invited. Why? Did you or MAMPU
> put in time to check for the reason for this? Clearly not. So you tell
> me Yusseri, what should we feel if not snubbed?

You may feel snubbed, but you weren't. You're confusing cause and effect. I, 
acting on behalf of MAMPU, did not check why your names weren't in there. 
Again, I reiterate that it was my bad.

The point I was trying to make was that, regardless of the reasons (i.e. we 
cocked-up, you didn't register), it was never meant to be a snub. For you to 
leap to that conclusion meant that you regard that particular event as merely 
done for the non-FOSS people's benefit.

I took it personally not because the community was upset, but mainly because 
MAMPU was upset. With me.

> If a party is organizing the event, then it becomes THEIR responsibilty
> to make sure everything runs fine, not the responsibility of those
> trying to attend.

I agree. This apologia continues.

> So unless you're attempting to discount the word of all of us who
> registered but were not invited, I suggest you retract any implication
> that it is the community not willing to participate in the dialogue
> because by all accounts, I guarantee you that we certainly are.

Not quite sure where you got the impression that I implied that the community 
was not willing to participate. I already figured that I cocked up the 
organisation of the event.

> And really, to claim that we are complaining about the cracks but not
> really registering is really disgenuous and I did not expect that from
> you, out of all people.

I wasn't being disingenuous. You're reading into things too much.

> > Why, on God's green earth, would anyone have a dialogue on FOSS where
> > they invite the community, then turn around and not tell 'em, and instead
> > get non-FOSS people to come? I mean, stupid me, obviously because I
> > bloody well can't see it.
> Let me help you see it then: why would MAMPU allow the myoss'ers to
> slip through the cracks and not the others who don't have FOSS as their
> primary agenda? Think about that and you'll see why some of us felt
> snubbed.

Here's how it went: I saw the names on the list. Was wondering why there 
weren't more of the community around. Found it strange that a fair number of 
the Others were in there. Figured that we should just invite whoever is on 
the list and carry on from there. Never thought to repost the invite to the 
list and ask people to register (or re-register, as the case may be). Things 
went pear-shaped.

Won't get it wrong again (probably).

> That certainly would be great, and would clearly be an improvement over
> the last snafu.

I would hope so.

> If you need help, holler and the community will step up and help in our
> capacities as we have done in many past occasions. For one, I volunteer
> to write you a *working* registration system: email me offline and spec
> me your requirements.

Thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind.


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