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[ossig] The True Spirit of FOSS and the Global FOSS Movement by Fouad Riaz Bajwa presented at IDLELO2 conference in Africa http://www.fossfa.net

You may access the official document here:
The True Spirit of FOSS and the Global FOSS Movement
Coined by 
Dr. M. Anwar-ur-Rehman Pasha, Chairman and Founder FOSSFP.
Presented by 
Fouad Riaz Bajwa General Secretary FOSSFP and presented at FOSSFA-IDLELO2
Conference in Africa 23-25 February 2006 http://www.fossfa.net 


By: Fouad Riaz Bajwa, General Secretary & Co-Founder
FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan 
bajwa@fossfp.org, http://www.fossfp.org 

1. To embrace the true spirit of FOSS we have to understand how to make a
difference in the world around us

2. We believe that the software we generate as a result of our thoughts and
actions influences the people around us

3. We think about how we can add to the spirit of life rather than subtract
from it

4. We have the power to change the world around us through software built
under the umbrella of Open Standards and FOSS

5. We should never underestimate or neglect this power of software

6. We should nurture it and help others benefit from this/its true spirit.

This my friends and partners in service is the true spirit of the Global
FOSS Movement
How to become a member or an active participant of the FOSS movement
1. FOSS is a result of Freedom
2. If you let others decide what software you should use, you are not
seizing your own Freedom
3. You have a choice for adopting software for every situation in your life
4. You can choose software just like your actions and attitudes
5. You can choose your own Freedom
-Your own FOSS
-Your own Software
-And make a difference

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary - FOSS Advocate
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan R Secretariat
FOSS Resource Centre - FOSSRC
5-A, 1st Floor, 32-M, Manzoor Plaza
Civic Centre, Model Town Extension
Lahore-54700, Pakistan
Cell: 92-333-4661290
Tel: 92-42-8496645
E-Mail: bajwa@fossfp.org
URL: www.fossfp.org ; www.ubuntu-pk.org
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