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Re: [ossig] MDC to rope in RIM, Finas in Creative Commons Drive

And here I was thinking of
Research in motion when I saw the word MDC and RIM together. Great

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 17:58, Ditesh Kumar wrote:
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> http://star-techcentral.com/tech/story.asp?file=/2006/3/8/technology/13610047&sec=technology
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> MDC to rope in RIM, Finas in Creative Commons Drive
> KUALA LUMPUR: The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) plans to get
> various industry associations involved in the Creative Commons project. 
> Its chief executive officer, Badlisham Ghazali, said MDC intends to meet
> with industry associations such as the Recording Industry of Malaysia
> (RIM) and National Film Development Corporation (Finas) to discuss how
> Creative Commons licences can work for local artistes. 
> “These licences can provide artistes with a different avenue to enhance
> their commercial potential,” said Badlisham who was speaking to the
> media at the official launch of Creative Commons here last week.  
> Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers flexible
> copyright licences for creative works. 
> Badlisham said it is timely that Malaysia participates in the Creative
> Commons project because the country is starting to develop a rich and
> vibrant information society. 
> “Malaysia has a large pool of talented people who are unable to make
> full use of their creative works. Creative Commons is a simpler way of
> protecting the rights of these artistes while they make full use of
> their creative works,” he said. 
> The Creative Commons project, he said, allows Malaysians to participate
> in the development and distribution of content, as well as helps them to
> be more recognised in the world arena if their material is shared.  
> “For example, a foreign band using a Malaysian song and legally
> broadcasting it to the world can promote Malaysia to the world,” he
> said. 
> Badlisham said Creative Commons would not only benefit the arts but
> education sector as well. He said more interesting education material
> could be easily produced using Creative Commons licensed material. 
> “Using such licensed material for education can cut production costs,”
> he said. 
> Creative Commons chairman Prof Lawrence Lessig said the support for
> Creative Commons in Malaysia is the greatest he has seen since its
> conception. 
> “The project has been more welcomed outside of the United States because
> US artistes either believe in full, absolute protection or no protection
> at all,” he said. 
> Lessig said existing copyright laws are not suitable for the 21st
> century’s “Read-Write” society, in which culture is consumed, created
> and shared with the help of digital technology.  
> He cited an example of the Read-Write culture in the form of anime music
> videos (AMV). “Producers of AMV integrate existing songs and anime to
> produce new music videos which are then shared over the Internet. 
> “Everyone celebrates creativity as it is made possible by new technology
> but this creativity cannot be fully embraced because of rigid copyright
> laws. 
> “The solution is not to abolish copyright laws as it is an essential
> part of creativity, but to update the laws to suit the 21st century
> practices,” said Lessig. 
> He said Creative Commons is built on top of existing copyright laws and
> is a simpler way for authors and other content creators to control how
> freely their works are used by others. 
> “It is meant to complement copyright laws, not compete with them,” he
> said, adding that the Creative Commons project does not encourage
> plagiarism, as suggested by detractors.  
> It is the difference between “please use my work and improve on it” and
> “I am taking your work but will not credit you,” said Lessig. 
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