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[ossig] a query for python skilled people

hi gang,

i received a query recently for developers with skills in python.

i am appending excerpts of the email that was sent to me.


"I have been looking for suitable Open Source directions to invest
time and effort essentially for portal development, content management
and workflow related work and I have zoomed into Python with Zope, CMF
and Plone (instead of Java, JBoss/jBPM, Mambo, Drupal, Joomla etc).

I wanted to know if there is a community of developers in Malaysia
involved in those areas as I would be concerned if there is no
proximity help or resource available should I need to meet up. If
there are some good resources, I might just hire them.

<deleted text here>

I wanted to know if you folks have some other info about resource you
have come acorss or the Python skills landscape in general in
Malaysia. I am also looking at resource who can provide training in
Python as well (though some people say it is too easy to learn from
available materials in the Internet).

<more deleted text here>


-----END MESSAGE------

those of you who are interested in taking this further please contact
Ir. Abdul Fattah via email . The address is  fattahyatim@gmail.com.



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