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[ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress for success? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

I found this interesting article posted by Dan Farber about a statement made
by Former Massachusetts Chief Information Officer Peter Quinn, who was
deeply involved of the OpenDocument vs. Microsoft format debate, has some
advice for the open source community. If you want to get traction in
commercial environments, lose the sandals and ponytails, Quinn said. "Open
source has an unprofessional appearance, and the community needs to be more
business-savvy in order to start to make inroads in areas traditionally
dominated by commercial software vendors. (Having) a face on a project or
agenda makes it attractive for politicians (to consider open source),"

Read this article at: http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=2780&tag=nl.e589 and
forward me your comments :) Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts),
Jeans and Sandals ;)

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