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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress for success? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

this is one of the most interesting topics i've seen on this mailing  

what i've noticed is that it sometimes works the other way around. i  
used to work as a web designer in an ad firm (more creative than  
technical) and peers sometimes didn't take me seriously bcoz i wasn't  
casual enough. apparently, creative designers were supposed to wear t- 
shirts with signs like "Vote For Pedro" and "No Seriously, Who Let  
The F***ing Dogs Out?". long sleeved collared shirts are a no-no  
because you'll be mistaken for the accountant. eventually, it didn't  
bother me and i just kept on doing my thing and earning their respect  
later through my work.

it's not about what we should wear - but that we should just wear  
what we want and not to be too quick to judge someone else even if  
he's being too clean (though I haven't understood this one yet).

a foot-long beard, a ponytail or even torn-at-the-knees jeans will  
never kill anyone. they will only intimidate people; and where people  
feel intimidated but not harmed, they should learn to deal with it  
and adapt.

Muammar Kris Khaira

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