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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress forsuccess? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

On 03/30/06 01:52 Ditesh Kumar said the following:
> I think the problems are way more fundamental then just grooming - (a)
> foss'ers tend to not want to talk to business people even when given the
> opportunity (b) foss'ers don't want to accept how business people think,
> i.e. it's a clash of "how do i write the most sexy app" vs "how do i
> maximize revenue" (c) so many foss'ers pretty much excel in the NATO
> philosophy.

have you recanted your stand on this ? you used to get very incensed and 
flame me each time i brought (c) up. saying "i told you so" seems so sweet. :)

> as a classic counter example to your post, read up on many documented
> cases of shockingly bad hygiene of one of the best business person in
> the software industry.

you're all missing the point. the issue isnt about dressing styles or 
personal hygiene. it's about an existing chasm between the mainstream 
establishment and the slightly leftist free software movement. that chasm 
exists and neither the twain shall meet unless the open source or free 
software folk do something about it.

the establishment surely isnt going to, and truth be told, they really dont 
have to since they're the ones making policy and all these decisions you 
dont like. if you want to change that, then communicate with them, on their 
terms if need be. all this chest beating and berating of the goverment will 
only make things worse, not better.

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