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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dressforsuccess? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

Congratulations, this post fulfills the unofficial myoss/ossig
criteria[1] of having at least one flame war a month.

After donning flame suit and gear and getting on with the agenda ...

> You can't express it better Dinesh. Not only that some members of the 
> open source community even go out of their way to be judgemental of 
> others work as well. Though I had been more or less told that I don't 

Forget *you*, Molly? By george, frankly I'm astounded!! Now *who* would
have the temerity to do that? :-p

> and expand a vibrant community. They can't take criticism either. Often 
> I see glum unwelcoming faces when we meet.

Well Molly, you should know better then me that it's truly hard to
accept criticism from those who criticize but who have never offered any
help or get involved in any meaningful way in community activities.

Unwelcoming faces? Sorry, but if you're unpopular, there must be a
reason. Suck it up.

And oh Molly, in case you missed Aizat's post, there's a meetup next
week. You are, of course, still graciously invited. As a bonus, I can
even promise you that you may even get to see this friendly vibrant
community you wrote about in your email :-)


[1] When a thread with more then 2^3 posts involves (a) bashing the
community (b) bashing vi/emacs/gpl/bsd/linux/*bsd (c) non-technical
discussions that don't revolve around the software, the policies,
current issues or licensing, that thread is reclassified as having gone

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