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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress forsuccess?Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

All I can say is: If the cap fits wear it :)

Aizat Faiz wrote:

> These threads always seem to end up bashing the community.  Are we at 
> fault here?  Some would say yes, others would argue no.  Khairil Yusof 
> brought up a good point with comparisons on physical apperance. 
> Apperance is only an illusion of a persons true intent.  I blame the 
> people in suits for judging FOSS people without knowing better, and I 
> also blame the community for at least trying to appear non-engaging. 
> But I applaud the works of them ( especially RMS ) in keeping their 
> values and what they believe in.  If your a person of slippers and 
> long hair, then so be it, at least their not trying to fake what they 
> are not.
> There are folk who have gone out of their way to *continually* 
> discredit the work the community has done but who have never 
> contributed in any meaningful way, and as a natural result, I suppose 
> some of us prefer to forget of their existence.
> There are others on this mailing list, who while pointing out how the 
> community can improve in engagement, have worked their asses off to 
> fight the cause. These people have earned the respect of many, myself 
> included, and we have always taken their advice into consideration, 
> painful as that advice may be.
> Molly Cheah wrote:
>>> On 03/30/06 14:31 Choong Hong Cheng said the following:
>> You can't express it better Dinesh. Not only that some members of the 
>> open source community even go out of their way to be judgemental of 
>> others work as well. Though I had been more or less told that I don't 
>> belong to the local open source community (or forgotten) I was told 
>> by several others especially those providing services to Govt the 
>> same. Why? This exclusive and unfriendly attitude does not go well to 
>> develop and expand a vibrant community. They can't take criticism 
>> either. Often I see glum unwelcoming faces when we meet.
> Maybe Molly, you should know better then me that it's truly hard to 
> accept criticism from those who criticize but who has never offered 
> help or get involved in any meaningful way in community activities.
> ditesh|cassini Unwelcoming faces? Sorry, but if you're unpopular, 
> there must be a reason. Suck it up.
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