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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress forsuccess? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

As I said earlier is society. Are you are generalizing us as human being to become salesman ?

"We are all salesmen, whether we like it or not. We sell ourselves in many ways"

but the fact you are try to express yourself to become a saleman. Try to compare a kid in Iraq, do you think his/her goal of life is to become salesmen ?  Are we all salesmen now ? What if you are living in a war torn country ? Do you think selling is your goal of life compare with just surviving the harsh and cruel condition of war.

So my point stated earlier each and everyone of us has different point of view and you are generalizing it !  We are born with different set of DNA sequence or there is a set of DNA sequence that dictate that we must become salesman ? Life itself is unique and you don't see lion become salesman ?  Why ? or even ant become salesman ? Why ? In fact in the animal kingdom, they ignore our creation all together except the very fact they need to survive in their own ways.

As I stated earlier open source movement is more than just commercial. Is about expression of a group of people to some extend. Different group will have different goals.

On 4/1/06, jason chong <jcvw75@gmail.com> wrote:
We are all salesmen, whether we like it or not. We sell ourselves in many ways.

It has got nothing to do with if we're geeks or coders or not.

It all has to do with, do you need them more than they need you ?

Do you want to be taken seriously?

And do you value the audience you're trying to communicate your message to ?

It's all about tearing down the barriers between 2 people trying to communicate, regardless of their job scopes.

I code for my customers, and I also double as a salesperson when I meet them personally.

I will feel awkward dressing in T-shirts and sandals when presenting my application presentation to a board of suits.

If enough of them are bothered by the way I dress, their mind will shut off and may not take me seriously.

I need their money so I can't afford to have any unnecessary barriers in communicating to them.

Yes, maybe in the some parts of the world, most people don't care about the way you dress or anything.

But there're also in some parts of the world (Malaysia for one) where people in power, are shallow but they do yield the power to make influential decisions. So the ball is in your court, can you afford to have them shut their minds out on you when you need them more than they need you ?

On 4/1/06, Choong Hong Cheng < hongcheng.choong@gmail.com> wrote:
Yes I agree with you that we need to compromise but is your choice to do it. You have a choice. Open Source movement is not about

"When I go see my customers, I wouldn't dress in hawaiian style or faggoty looking shirts or sandals even though I would love to, but as a sign of respect and a compromise, and also because I need my clients money (or need them to listen to me) I have to do what's right and proper, I dress formal with a tie. (Though I suck at doing a proper V knot) " - From Jason Choong.

Is about how a group of people around the world work together to develop softwares. It doesn't have any business influence in it. So why does it matter if we wear a tie or not or even see customer ?

Open Source is about serving each other in their own way. Is an art of the programmer where we express our creation in form of software development.

Now the hot trend is the commercial open source solution ... which need to have business influence and yes during that time you need to wear your tie etc but again will you be in the sales and marketing team ? or the guy behind the computer developing solutions ? or even the integrator in the solution delivery team

So to Jason, I would guess you are at the commercial open source provider compare with a geek that only want to express out his/her creation to the world. Whatever we are doing now is form of expression of our self. You need to wear tie to win customer and to expand your business. For some is different point of view like you said.

So we cann't really conclude that wear in suit nicely is suitable for Open Source movement. Each and every group in Open Source has it's uniqueness. Some are towards commercial values, some are purely research or even some are form of art. Open Source movement has such variety compare with commercial software development. Think about it for a second guys, we should be happy we have such movements ... such varieties and choices.