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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress forsuccess? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

When you attend an interview, you conducted a sale, whether you realize it or not, you try to sell yourself to the company as the ideal candidate the company should hire.

The transaction involved need not necessarily be monetary gain.

You gain from the other party agreeing with you, or forge an understanding, for the benefit of both parties.

Even Richard Stallman is a salesman, when he tries to advocate his FREE SOFTWARE philosophy.

If opensource movement is not interested in any form of 'sales', then they should not be influencing governments all over the world to use OSS.

Sales exist in every part of our lives, whether you realize it or not.

On 4/1/06, Choong Hong Cheng <hongcheng.choong@gmail.com> wrote:
As I said earlier is society. Are you are generalizing us as human being to become salesman ?