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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dress forsuccess?Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

Molly Cheah wrote:

Hi Molly,

> Interesting to know criticism=discredit. Please quote what I had 
> actually said that had been intepreted as discrediting the "work of the 
> community". Yes, I have mentioned to "friends" at coffee breaks that I 
> find the local community had not met the expectations users like myself 
> and that there is a "disconnection" between the community and other 
> stakeholders.

As a member of the "local" community, I take to that statement in offense.

I believe I have helped users, like yourself, make a switch to open 
source, and have a more comfortable life. I've hacked on OpenOffice.org 
in the past. I hack on Fedora Core in the present. I work on MySQL on a 
daily basis (yes, the M in LAMP).

I believe to some degree, you use some of the above for your daily work. 
Have I not met your expectations as a user, and what "disconnection" is 
it that you talk about?

Now, the only thing I can think about you needing more help from the 
community, to make there be less of a "disconnection" is help with your 
open source software, PrimaCare, for e-clinic management. This won an 
MNCC award for excellence in ICT, back in 2004. On the awards page, its 
described as:

	"PCDOM PrimaCare has a commendable level of sophistication with screens 
for clinic management, patient care, financial management, pharmacy 
management, billings, scheduling and resource library. The software has 
been released for use to 50 doctors. The software also has the potential 
for further development which certainly will encourage wider usage 
especially if doctors become more ICT-savvy."

You won that in the Open Source Software category. I then browsed your 
website to find no form of course code, whatsoever (there's a demo 
though, kudos for it). Was the source for PrimaCare available 2 years 
ago when you won the /Open Source Software/ ICT Excellence award, and 
now removed?

This clearly defeats what the OSI says in its definition of open source. 
I'd like to see if I can help, and I'm sure budding MYOSSers (aka the 
local community) will too. But there's one outstanding question...

  Where's the source, Molly?

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