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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and to dressforsuccess? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans and Sandals

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 00:12 +0800, Muammar Kris Khaira wrote:
> anyone fighting IP, patents, pushing out some excellent code or found  
> a bug somewhere?

Yes, we are. I wrote code this weekend and read a couple of FTA's for
upcoming FTA work that we are involved in.

Oh, and I also caught V for Vendetta, which was quite excellent :-)

> oh.. just arguing over trivial matters.

It's not trivial.

Look, there are some folk that keep saying that the local community does
not do anything. And this message is repeated not only on this list but
also at conferences, meetings and to some important people. This damages
the value of the work of those that have contributed time, effort and
money in furthering the cause.

I don't think that's is not fair and hence, my speaking up.

Sure it might be a waste of bandwidth to some of us but try walking in
our shoes -  get involved in community events and see how it feels when
they berate you endlessly while never contributing at all.


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