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Re: [ossig] Open source community needs a haircut and todress forsuccess? Should I loose my Kurtas (long asian shirts), Jeans andSandals

> > efficiency. During our earlier days of testing the software, we found 
> > that unqualified freedom to make changes to the source codes were 
> > based on incorrect preceptions and lack of domain expertise which 
> > unwittingly led to compromises in patient safety and quality of care. 

While that may have been their experience, the experience of others have
shown that this form of discrimination harms FOSS. I will note that this
is specifically not allowed by both the FSF and the OSI.

While it does not change the nature of the contention, can you
specifically enumerate what harm was made by this ability to modify the
source code? Did patients get incorrect drugs? Did doctors go into wrong
surgery rooms? Did anybody die?

What is this harm that you keep talking about but never outline in
concrete terms?

> > PCDOM has a contract with the Malaysian Government, with conditions, 
> > for its funding on the development of PrimaCare. PCDOM being a 
> > professional organisation for doctors is concerned that insinuations 
> > of PCDOM committing impropriety and therefore being unethical in our 
> > representation were made at this discussion forum.

While your organization may have the right to come to this decision, it
does not have the right to label its software as OSS as it would seem
that the terms of your license violates the OSI and FSF definitions.

> > When we were requested to submit PCDOM PrimaCare for the award, we had 
> > made it known to MNCC our terms of use of PrimaCare and we were 
> > informed that we were eligible on those basis. Since then, we had not 

That's interesting. I will be writing to MNCC officially to clarify this
as the requirements for the award clearly state that the software needs
to be released under a license recognized by the OSI which allegedly the
Primacare software doesn't.

Perhaps you should clarify the exact licensing terms by posting the
licensing text here for all to read and see.

> > individuals from the local open source community. PCDOM questions the 
> > right of individuals or this community to dictate and demand how PCDOM 
> > should make available its application and to whom. This goes against 
> > the very ingredient of freedom. PrimaCare is solely targeted to 

You are not expected to relinquish your right to not give the source
code to those who you do not wish to give it to.

But the FOSS community is built around sharing, and it would seem that
while your actions are following the letter of the law, it is skirting
around the spirit of the movement.

Of course, we would know better once you post your exact licensing

> > use, and hence I equate to being a "doctor" in the contextí. The 
> > practice of medicine is a strictly regulated profession via an Act of 
> > Parliament and no one without a registration with the Malaysian 
> > Medical Council can claim to be a doctor even if he wears a white coat 
> > and uses a stethoscope, a medical device or medical software.

And is there a law restricting the use of medical software only to
medical professionals?

What next? A law to restrict the use of software tools only to licensed
software professionals? A law to restrict the use of graphic programs
only to multimedia graduates? A law to restrict accounting programs only
to those with ACCA qualifications?

The basis for your statement is ridiculous.

> > PCDOM has been innovative in coming out with PrimaCare for the local 
> > doctors, with Molly responsible for its development but she does not 
> > have the final say in its distribution. Any further comments, 
> > statements, questions or collaboration proposals should therefore be 
> > directed to:

She received the award on pcdom's behalf and she made statements on this
mailing list for which responses were made out to her.

We would appreciate an answer from any one of you.


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