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Re: [ossig] [Fwd: [Evolution-hackers] Announcement:evolution-brutus 1.0 isavailable]

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 11:41 +0800, Uwe Dippel wrote:
> This sounds promising and vague at the same time.
> Would anyone have real-world experience with it ?
> [My lack of certainty might be my lacking command of the English 
> language: I cannot figure out what "evolution-brutus requires a Brutus 
> 0.9.24 server somewhere on the net but will otherwise connect to any 
> Exchange server using MAPI as would Outlook" is supposed to tell me.]

Ok, it works like this. The evolution-exchange plugin uses WebDAV
protocols to talk to the exchange server. This necessarily has its

Brutus works by encapsulating MAPI calls as CORBA calls. This requires
the brutus server to be running on MS-Windows and providing the
translation services. So any external application can now get full
access to Exchange's functionality that were only previously available
via MAPI calls. This means that integration of external third party apps
running on non-Microsoft operating systems is possible and very much
easier. For example, suppose you needed to be able to connect to
Exchange and perform MAPI operations from PHP. Brutus would give you an
opportunity to connect to the exchange server reliably via Corba calls.

Brutus was fairly stable when I tested it last year.

How does this fit into evolution? Well, jules has written a plugin for
evolution that connects to the Brutus server (and hence, an Exchange).
So it's an alternative to evolution-exchange plugin.



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