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[ossig] Hyperlink on OO Presentation

Dear all,

I know, this is a bit lame. But maybe one or another can help me here ? 
I'd like to create a hyperlink to an image in a presentation. I read the 
'Help' forth and back, but still don't get it done.

What I want to do / what I did:

Want to: Associate a hyperlink with an image (.gif --> animated) in an 
OpenOffice presentation. When exporting to html, this hyperlink should 
go and pick up that image from said location. Or so. Because, at export 
- at least here - it doesn't animate; only shows the first layer. Okay, 
this might not work, since the export to html generates a single image 
of each slide.
Still: What about carrying this hyperlink forward to the export to PDF, 
so that clicking on that PDF will bring up the animated image ?

I did: read the Help forth and back. Marked the image and tried to add a 
hyperlink via the hyperlink dialogue. It would but write a blue 
hyperlink underneath the marked image.

Any hint appreciated,


P.S.: I'm on OpenOffice 1.1.3

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