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Re: [ossig] mobile linux

On 4/13/06, Ditesh Kumar <ditesh@gathani.org> wrote:
> AFAIK, linux the kernel has power conservation issues, hence making its
> usage in embedded devices problematic. Is this still true?

There's a very wide range of hardware and utilization modes in the
embedded space. To be specific, I think you are referring to mobile
devices rather than the more general case of embedded devices (for
example, industrial control systems are embedded devices too, but they
don't typically need power management support).

To answer your question, yes, it's certainly true that there are
problems with the Linux kernel in the power management space for
mobile devices. Some devices are supported very well, some devices not
at all. The kernel has architectural support for power management, but
some devices have problems with the implementation. It's a continuing
challenge as more and more mobile devices become Linux-capable.

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