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Re: [ossig] mobile linux

On Fri, 2006-04-14 at 11:47 +0800, Jaya Kumar wrote:
> There's a very wide range of hardware and utilization modes in the
> embedded space. To be specific, I think you are referring to mobile
> devices rather than the more general case of embedded devices (for
> example, industrial control systems are embedded devices too, but they
> don't typically need power management support).

Yup, my bad.

> To answer your question, yes, it's certainly true that there are
> problems with the Linux kernel in the power management space for
> mobile devices. Some devices are supported very well, some devices not
> at all. The kernel has architectural support for power management, but
> some devices have problems with the implementation. It's a continuing
> challenge as more and more mobile devices become Linux-capable.

So, powerwise, how well would a linux-based pda work compared to a palm
pda at this point in time? Naturally, there are various fudging factors
but normalizing for a specific feature set and utility (take your pick,
I'm not fussy), how far does the kernel still have to go? Presumably its
the same for mobile phones?

How do other free operating systems fare in this regard?


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