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Re: [ossig] mobile linux

Hi Tajuzzaman. Why the purple background?
Typically at a text screen (CLI) when you plug in the usb connection to
the phone it should display it. Otherwise try any of the following:
1. View the USB detected. Use the GUI based hardware profiles viewer or
type lsusb after plug the USB to phone.
2. View the USB detected. Display the message log to see what happens
when you plug the USB to phone.
3. On the phone like my Motorola, there is a mode to switch the
connectivity between "Data" and "Memory card". You need to switch it to
4. Of course KDE provides nice interfaces to detect the USB but GNOME on
UBUNTU hardware properties should give the same info.
Frankly the Bluetooth thingy was much easier detection. But I have yet
to be able to transfer data using USB or BLUETOOTH. Will try it again
when I can, at the end of the month. In mean time appreciate if any of
you can provide help on this.
>Yes, i used USB cable to connect my phone to my Ubuntu Linux OS.. but
my computer cannot detect the device..
>Anyone know the ways to solve this problem???

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